HybridScreen - Hybrid screening technology

This technology is licensed from Monotype Imaging and is similar to the Agfa Sublima technology.

Hybrid Screening is a solution to the "highlight break" of flexography printing? The excessive highlight gain and minimum dot "requirements" - caused by the nature of small dots on flexo plates to "squash" and become bigger - have long been considered an insurmountable obstacle in the path of high-quality flexography printing. Some have tried stochastic screening to combat this problem, while it does improve the highlight break problem it creates new problems - excessive dot gain, grainy reproduction.

Hybrid Screening combines the best of traditional screening and stochastic by creating a smooth transition between stochastic highlight dots and conventional screening through the rest of the print range. You can now print highlights which truly fade to zero, and have precise control over subtle pastels and shadings previously nearly impossible to achieve in print production.



HybridScreen News!

Screen sets for Flexo and Traditional printing with Hybrid screening technology are now available at 2032, 2400 2540 dpi and a wide variety of line screen values and minimum dot sizes. Only trusted users can download these sets. Please register here.